Ever wondered if horoscope or zodiac jewelry are the hottest trend? Well you have come to the right place because Namefully will provide you with the 101 on how to sport stylish name jewelry pieces with zodiac symbols, designs and gemstones which make them a definite hot fashion statement.

For those of you who flip to the end of the magazine to check out the latest horoscope news, this jewelry will be the perfect style for you. Namefully says that horoscope/zodiac jewelry is HOT and gives it a yay and not a nay; this is why:

1. One can personalize jewelry with one's birthday month symbol. The zodiac symbols provide that element of enigma and are sure to catch anyone's eye. They have a lot of meaning in relation to the symbol and name and can really make for a sentimental gift to a loved one.

Here is a list of the zodiac constellation, name and the symbol:
The Ram
Taurus The Bull
Gemini The Twins
Cancer The Crab
Leo The Lion
Virgo The Virgin
Libra The Balance
Scorpio The Scorpion
Sagittarius The Archer
Capricorn The Goat
Aquarius The Water Bearer
Pisces The Fish

These symbols are lovely to use for engraving and embellishment purposes on name jewelry pieces.

2. The birthstone gemstones that correlate to each month are the perfect adornment to enhance any name jewelry design. Each gemstone offers something special and represents a certain energy and meaning in relation to the month's zodiac symbol. A splash of color is definitely something to make horoscope jewelry a positively and welcome hot addition to any outfit. Want to see learn which stone belongs to your month? - Well look no further!

January- Garnet symbolizing trust and friendship
February- Amethyst symbolizing a balanced mindset
March- Aquamarine symbolizing youth, hope and health
April- Diamond symbolizing love
May- Emerald symbolizing rebirth and love
June- Alexandrite & Pearl symbolizing rarity, desirability and beauty respectively
July-Ruby symbolizing love, health, fortune and wisdom
August- Peridot symbolizing power and influence
September- Sapphire symbolizing loyalty, trust and protection of loved ones
October- Tourmaline & Opal symbolizing uniqueness
November- Citrine & Topaz symbolizing healing
December- Zircon, Tanzanite & Turquoise symbolizing mystery and appeal

Zodiac/horoscope jewelry offers something special and charming while boasting a trendy and fun appeal. This jewelry can be worn as an everyday appendage or can enhance a smarter outfit with its colors and enigmatic symbols and designs.

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