Graduation season is upon us and now is the time to find the perfect graduation gift!

If you're looking for something personal that can be enjoyed every day of the year how about a personal name necklace? From bold and sparkling to delicate and minimalistic, name necklaces come in a variety of colors, styles and designs fit for every type of personality. Whether the new graduate you are shopping for is your child, sibling or best friend, a name necklace makes a wonderful gift idea.

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Many students believe that the ultimate campus experience is being part of a Greek sorority. It's never easy to leave a close-knit sorority, though a lovely sorority necklace offers a warm reminder of sorority memories that will last a lifetime. With designs offering the letters placed inside a heart or standing elegantly on their own, there's no better time to buy a sorority necklace than graduation!

Personal name jewelry is a wonderful gift option for any occasion and an excellent way to mark an extra special day is with a name necklace or bracelet featuring a diamond or any birthstone of your choice. Browse through Namefully's diverse collections of diamond and birthstone jewelry for the recent graduate in your life!