She is your soul sister, you have the same rhythm, love the same music, and a Beyonce hit will get you up on your feet, regardless of time, place and circumstances.  Show her she is the Rachel to your Monica with these 6 best friend gift ideas from DIY to matching name jewelry! These are the gifts only best friends give each other:

1 Open when letters envelopes

Both of you are moving away for college or after an amazing job opportunity? The first weeks and even months might be the toughest, so make her a fun and inspirational bundle of Open When Letters for:

When you’re missing me a little
When you are stressed out
When you need a little pick me up
When you have a bad day

You can have as many letters as you want, imagine how great your BFF would feel when opening a letter. You can have them in customized envelopes with unique print available on Etsy

2 She is fierce pencils

Yes, I know most of us make our lists and writing on our laptops, but for those of you who still use the traditional way, these she is Fierce pencils are the ultimate pencils for any task and lady! They will always motivate her and let everyone know they better watch out!

3 Best friend Rachel & Monica coffee mugs

Seriously, they were best friends on and off-screen and nothing compares to Rachel and Monica’s friendship. These coffee mugs are available on Etsy and will be a fun and amazing Christmas or just wanted to say I love you gift!

4 Matching Name Jewelry

Personalized name necklaces or bracelets are an absolute hit this year. Choose her favorite material; yellow gold, sterling silver, acrylic or rose gold, with or without birthstones or perhaps a little diamond bling? Show everyone you are sister in crime and style forever, because these pieces are timeless as is your friendship for life

Carrie name necklace with diamond, so you match in glam and sophistication

Infinity name necklace- for infinite friendship, friendship that transcends boundaries and lasts a lifetime

Vertical name necklace-to have each other close at all times

Name bracelets are an understated way to display your friendship

5 Best Friends sweatshirts

Don’t you just love these cute donut sweatshirts?  When the nights are cold and days are gray, this duo is the perfect outfit to watch romantic comedies and drink hot coco with your bestie. Surprise her and customize them in white or pink!

6 Scrapbook

It’s her birthday gift and there’s nothing she would love more than a homemade scrapbook! Collect funky pictures from your travelling adventures, prom, birthdays and weekends spent together and customize it for her. An amazing collection of scrapbooks in minimalistic design or colorful with unicorn is available on Paperchase, who also offer an online workshop on how to make a scrapbook.

These are our top 6 best friend gifts ideas and we are positive your BFF would absolutely love them! Be sure to share this post with your best friend so she also knows what’s on your mind and wishlist.
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