I am in LOVE with initial necklaces!  They are elegant when worn alone, look great when layered with other chains and pendants, and are a great way to personalize any outfit.  Everywhere I turn lately I seem to see them.  From magazines, women on the bus to TV’s True Blood, it seems everyone loves initial necklaces just as much as I do!

So I finally got caught up on HBO’s True Blood, and well watching this past weeks episode I couldn’t help but notice Arlene’s (played by actress Carrie Preston) beautiful gold initial necklace featuring a beautiful cursive letter A.  I was so in love with it I had to go back and re-watch the scene I had just missed drooling over the necklace.  I would love to see more characters of the hit show in name necklaces though they better stick with gold, silver and vampires just don’t mix. 

Have you noticed any characters from your favorite shows in an initial necklace or other name jewelry?  Let me know and leave a comment below!  Until then happy watching, and watch out for vampires!

P.S. I loved Arlene’s gold A necklace it inspired me to make one of my own!