This just in – celebrities are wearing name necklaces that don’t just show off their names. They are now wearing name plate necklaces that, creatively, express who they love and to whom they are committed. LeAnn Rimes was spotted yesterday wearing a necklace containing only the word “Love,” but the E is capitalized, representing the first letter of her husband, Eddie Cibrian’s name. So, the necklace really means Love Eddie.

This LovE necklace exactly matches a tattoo Rimes has recently placed onto the bottom of her back. The LovE tattoo and the LovE necklace are not the only ways Rimes has shown her committed love to Cibrian. In January, she inked “The only one that matters” onto her foot.  Apparently she’s extremely in love and needs to permanently print it all over herself to show us.

As cliché as “love tattoos” are, you gotta hand it to LeAnn for the creativity in her nameplate necklace.  A name necklace that doesn’t just say a name, but also uses a play on words to express her romantic notions and individuality, is an inventive way to say what she wants to say. She was also able to get two words in there while only writing one. Kudos to Rimes for her resourceful personalized necklace expression! Good thing you can put whatever you want on a name necklace. LeAnn wouldn’t have been able to express her creativity if you couldn’t.

LeAnn Rimes may not be the only celebrity with a necklace with a name. But her necklace is definitely something to talk about since she did something different with it. Now she should put her creative juices back to work and come up with other inventive name jewelry. It’s been a while since LeAnn Rimes has been in conversations. Maybe this is a good way to get us talking!