At Namefully the values of quality, value and customer service are paramount.  We strive for perfection across the board; from the finest finished product to the most careful attention to detail, our loyal customers always come first. We are proud of our exclusive products, and welcome you to submit custom designs, and invite you to contact us with absolutely any inquiry.


At Namefully we are committed to providing the highest quality name necklace and name jewelry products to our consumers. Producing the finest finished goods begins with using the best possible raw materials available to our jewelers. Whether it be 14 karat yellow gold or 10 karat two-toned gold, all of our creations are made with materials purchased from the most trusted sources. These materials are translated into final products by the skilled hands and machinery in our workplace, who ensure that no detail goes overlooked. The trained Namefully eye ensures that every piece leaving our grounds meets the highest standards, and most importantly, is to our customers’ liking.


If value is considered the monetary or material worth of an object, Namefully strives to meet and exceed that meaning.  With years upon years of experience and networking in the international jewelry market, our customers benefit from the inherent advantage that accompanies these roots.  Experience translates into efficiency; a practiced model means a seamless series of transactions that flow towards a final product.  Ultimately, this means delivering the piece of your dreams to your doorstep at the most affordable prices today.


Without superior customer service, our superb products would have no home.  Namefully is proud to employ an outstanding team of customer support representatives and jewelry experts ready to answer your every inquiry, whether it be regarding our company policy or your favorite name necklace.  Every Namefully team member has passed our in-house knowledge and professionalism standards with flying colors to ensure that you, our valued customers, feel confident knowing that there is a true face and voice behind your order.


We agree that the customer is always right, yet beyond that, we believe that the customer has the right – the right to design!  Love the Carrie design, but wish you could just tweak that detail? Have the perfect design in mind, but don’t see it on our site? No problem! Namefully is not only willing to take custom orders, we invite you to send us your ideal design, your dream initial necklace, that variation on a popular piece.  No design is out of question; our dedication is ready to meet your imagination.


One of our main company’s advantages lies in our huge selection of original designs and products. Namefully offer thousands of different product types including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and many more. Each product is available in many different material types with endless customization options. If you've got a name jewelry in mind, you are most likely to find it ready to purchase at!